I'm in the midst of a flash fiction challenge. The goal is to write a piece of flash a day, based upon the provided prompt. The rules…under 1000 words and no editing allowed.

Today's prompt was … The key.

My response to today's challenge can be found here.

Nichole Watson has graciously allowed me to post her piece of flash below….Enjoy Nichole's flash!


Sitting in his chair at the old mahogany desk I remembered him always being at I stared at the old metal box. The same box that had always had me curious as to the contents inside. I ran my fingers over the cold Robins egg blue metal feeling the dents and scratches.  As I sat there I could remember what he would always say to me when I would ask what was inside.

“One day you will see what is inside but for now it's not anything you need to worry about.”

I hadn't been in his office in many years and I had avoided coming in here since he passed a week ago. The room held many memories that I hadn't been able to face until now. I always thought that I would be eager to open it when given the chance but it almost felt as though opening the box meant I would be setting my memories of him free. My memories of the many hours I  spent on the floor with my crayons and paper or my matchbox cars.

Reaching into my pocket I pulled out the key I had received from the lawyer a couple days ago.  Placing it on the desk I reached for the piece of paper I had read over and over again. The note he had left for me. Reading it again and taking the advice within his words  I wiped the tear from my eye and grabbed the key. Turning it in the lock the room filled with a pop when it opened.  Lifting the lid a smile spread across my face at the contents. Opening the box was not removing the memories for he had packed the box with his own.