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The Confrontation


I felt the warmth at the corner of my lip. I hadn't seen it coming. When my tongue touched the warmth the tell tale metallic taste was there. My eye hurt like hell as well.

“Jeremiah man what the fuck?”

There was a rage in his eye I had never seen before and we had been friends forever.

“I am going to ask you a question and if you value being able to breathe I suggest you answer it.”

Confusion at first hit me then realization he had figured it out.

“How long Isaac and don't deny it.”

“How long what?”

In one swift move I was thrown and held up against the brick wall.

“Now is not the time to be a smart ass Isaac. My blood is fucking boiling and friend or not I will kick your ass.”

I chuckled.

“Is this the warm up then?”

I wouldn't admit to anything even if it resulted in my ass be in throughly kicked.  I made a promise.

“Well it depends on who you ask. Seven maybe 8..”

The wind was knocked out of me when he landed a punch to my stomach.

“Keep it up Isaac and you will be feeling this for weeks not days.”

This would hurt.

“Well on a goodnight hours and multiple times. ”

Another punch to my stomach and he let me go and I was on the ground.

“You broke code. She is my fucking sister.  My little sister. ”

I looked up at him out of my good eye the other one was swollen shut.

“Jeremiah I hate to break it to you but Ava isn't little anymore. ”

“So you admit it. Your hooking up with my sister. ”

I shook my head.” I didn't say that man. I am just stating a fact. She isn't the little girl in pigtails anymore.”

He shot me a look and I braced myself for the next hit but it never came.

” so your looking at my sister? ”

“J man it's hard not to notice.Before you swing hear me out. She is smart and yes your sister is kind of hot.”

He bent over and reached his hand out.

“I can't deal with this shit. The thought of the guys around here and them looking at her even.”

He pulled me up. He was really going to be pissed when I did tell him I was seeing his sister behind his back. I might wait to tell him until I healed up a bit.


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