Please welcome Nichole Watson…my guest blogger for Flash Fiction Challenge


I tugged at my restraints.  The feel of the silk wrapped around my wrists and ankles had awaken my core.  I knew I had to be careful and be sure to follow his orders or Master wouldn't give me what I needed, him. The blindfold that was secured over my eyes was like the volume button on a remote making my other senses amplified.


The faint sound of his breaths had me anticipating his next touch, lick, nip, and strike.  I felt like a coil ready to explode at his next tease. My body was itching, burning bad with desire. It was really bad unlike any time before. I let out a whimper and knew my mistake immediately.  He nipped at my ear.


“Tsk. Tsk. I said not to make a sound until you had permission. ”


The brush of his lips on my neck and the warmth of his breath on my damp skin was pushing me to my limits of control.


“Now let me say this again, your last warning. Don't make a sound. Not a whimper,  moan, sigh…do you understand Lovely? ”


I nodded my response.  Master had not given me permission to speak. I felt his lips at mine and he took my mouth in a way that told me I was his to be cherished,  savored,  and protected.  I lost myself in his touch trusting Master to give me what he knew I needed.

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