Flash fiction is fun. Today the prompt was ‘Limp Dick McGee.'  Write a piece of flash to that prompt. The rules of flash are … answer the prompt…less than 1000 words…and NO EDITING!!!! Nichole Watson joins me in this flash challenge and you will see both our contributions here.

Well, I broke one of those rules, because mine is way over 1000 words. Rules, however, are meant to be broken…so here is my flash…

Limp Dick McGee

The way Cyndi Gables nibbled her bottom lip had Richard’s cock springing to attention. It had been a long day in the operating room and he was ready to blow off some steam. He’d come out on the prowl with one thought on his mind, what every arrogant man desired. He’d come for pussy and wasn’t leaving until he’d fucked some chick up against the back alley wall or in one of the bathroom stalls.

Cyndi worked as a nurse in the neuro-intensive care unit and he’d had a chance or two to flirt with her in the past.

Nothing serious.

Most of the nurses steered clear of him, thinking he was like all the rest of his neurosurgical colleagues, arrogant and a walking prick. They were half right, but it didn’t matter. He had a strict no dating and no fucking policy with the nurses at work. He learned that lesson in medical school when he'd earned the worst nickname of all nicknames.

But then Cyndi glided into Work-Play, the latest up and coming nightspot. She teetered on impossibly high heels, her fuck me legs going on and on until a tiny scrap of fabric hid the good stuff from view.

His cock twitched just thinking about the heaven buried between her legs.

Tonight was open mic night, and he’d come to listen to the soul of country music, letting the twangy notes of the singers take him back to his Texas roots. But fuck if he couldn’t keep his eyes off Cyndi’s forever legs, the sweep of her jet-black hair, or the sultry promise hidden within the depths of those hooded eyes.

He’d always been attracted to her, but she hid her seductive looks behind rumpled hospital scrubs and hair pulled back into a ponytail designed for more for efficiency instead of sensual appeal.

Which is not how she looked now.

The woman oozed sex, and fuck if she wasn’t staring right at him, nibbling her damn lip, her huge eyes round and focused solely on him.

She placed her hand on her friend’s arm and whispered something into the blonde’s ear before heading straight to where he sat on the bar.

“Dr. McGee, fancy running into you in a place like this. Didn’t take you for a country fan.”

He waved to the stage where the musicians were setting up. “I grew up on this stuff. Do you come here often?”

Her lashes fluttered over the sweep of her achingly beautiful high cheeks. “Can I be honest with you?”

Leaning back, he spread his legs a little wider, needing to make room for the swell of his cock. “Of course you can.”

It couldn’t be? But his instincts had never failed him before. Fuck yeah.

But he waited for her to say it. To admit to the deviancy she desired.

“I kind of followed you.”

“You followed me?”

She was driving him fucking insane nibbling on her bottom lip. He leaned forward, breached her personal space. “I find that incredibly hot.”

Her eyes flicked with interest, and damn the band, but his cock ached for the attention of her gorgeous lips.

“You want to get out of here?”

She gasped, her breaths accelerating. The fluttering of her lashes stopped as she stared hard at him. Her breasts moved in a beautiful arc, up and down, as the pace of her breathing increased.

With a nod, her smile trembled. She moved closer to whisper in his ear. “I’m not supposed to leave without my friend.”

He flexed his hand on the barstool, cutting his gaze to her friend. “Looks like she’s preoccupied.” And indeed, the blonde had already captivated three men who had her corralled between them.

Cyndi glanced at her friend, but shook her head. “I can’t leave. It’s our thing.”

He didn’t see that as a problem. “There are places we can find here, private places.” He reached out and swept his finger along her clavicle, letting it rest at the pulse point of her neck.

More of that damn lip biting. His cock was ready to explode.

Fuck it. And fuck his rules. He grabbed her wrist. “Come,” he spoke with a heated urgency.

“Where are we going?” Her eyes widened, but she didn’t resist his pull.

He dragged her through the crowd, heading for the back stage door. He pushed it open and pulled her into the alley.

Just as he thought, no one was around.

His heart thumped beneath his breastbone, and the pace of his breathing intensified. “Cyndi,” he said with a groan, “I sure hope you’re not teasing me.”

Closing the distance between them he glided his knuckles up her arm.

She shivered but didn’t step away. No, she did one better. Her hands grabbed for his waist. “Dr. McGee,” she whispered on the end of an exhalation. “Yes!”

He paused with his knuckles brushing the angle of her jaw. “Don’t fuck with me, Cyndi.”

Her lilting laughter had him smiling. “But I want you to fuck me, Dr. McGee.”

God, he loved the sound of his name on her lips. He grabbed her hands, interlacing his fingers with her. Lifting her hands over her head, he backed her up against the alley wall. “Oh, I’m going to do so much more than fuck you.”

Another giggle encouraged him to bend down and nip at her neck. A tiny bite, but she tasted so fucking sweet.

She squirmed against the wall, rolling her hips against his. Her responsiveness had his head spinning and was such a fucking turn on. The ache between his legs grew. Long and heavy, his cock throbbed to sink within her folds.

“Such a beautiful woman,” he said, his voice husky with his need. “Do not move your hands.” He released her hands, and thank fuck but she kept them pressed against the wall over her head. He wrapped his fingers around her throat, pressing into the flesh, soft at first then a little harder.

Her body came alive, squirming and writhing, trapped between him and the wall. He allowed his free hand to roam over her breasts, feeling over the stiffness of the material of her dress. He traced the outline of her curves, his eyes feasting on her tender flesh.

She sighed, and he crouched before her, filling his hands with the smooth expanse of her buttery skin. His hands grazed her thighs, her calves, and even traced her the bones of her delicate ankles. She wobbled on her high heels. So far, she hadn’t moved her hands.

She stared down at him, biting that infernal lip. Moving up her thighs, he bunched the fabric until her skirt was pushed to her waist. The globes of her ass were bare, a tiny scrap of fabric the only thing between him and his goal. The sound of ripping lace had him breathing deeply.

Her breathing turned staccato, turning him on even more. His cock engorged become hard as steel. Skimming his fingers across the buttery smooth expanse of her skin, his fingers encountered the soft hair of her pussy. She bit down on that lip, muffling a gasp.

His heart pumped harder and harder and he slid his finger along her slit. Practically kneeling before her he pressed his nose until he had it buried in her pussy. He sat there for a long moment, breathing in her intoxicating scent.

Her head fell back and that’s when he stuck out his tongue, taking one long, leisurely lick against her slit. A soft moan escaped her and she whimpered as he slipped a finger inside the slickness of her slit.

God, her pussy was dripping, she was so fucking ready for him. So, he obliged her, thrusting his fingers into her soaking pussy, savoring the velvety feel of her inner walls clenching around him. He imagined what she would feel like riding his cock and nearly groaned with his frustration.

He’d get there soon, but first, he had more to explore.

“Fuuuuck! You’re fucking tight.” He stood, keeping his fingers right where they were, curling them as he plunged into her soft heat. “I’m going to fuck you against this wall. Is that what you want? For me to fuck you?”

He ground his pelvis against her hips, barely able to stop rubbing himself against her, teasing her as much as he tormented himself. He reached out and held her hip in a bruising grip, while he unbuttoned the waistband of his jeans and slid the zipper down.

Her gaze dropped between them as he took out his ten-inch dick. Her eyes widened with surprise. “You’re hard.”

Not what he was expecting, her comment threw him off his game. “Excuse me?”

She giggled, her eyes cutting down between them. “You have an erection.”

Well, no shit. What did she think she’d find? “What the fuck are you talking about.”

Her eyes widened in alarm and she lowered her hands to rest on his hips. “They say you had a …”

“A what?”

She shook her head and reached for his dick, but he backed away. His dick bobbed in the night, stiff, long, and very, very hard. But he was completely confused.

“A limp dick.” Cyndi bit her lip again and pointed to his cock. “Why do they call you Limp Dick McGee when you’re hung like a stallion and…” She waved at his cock. “And you’re definitely not limp.”

How did that nickname even make it to Grant’s View anyhow? Did he even fucking care?

He gripped his cock and gave her a long hard stare. He should leave, but he’d already passed the point of no return. Besides, Cyndi was sure to tell her friends all about her encounter tonight.

“I earned that nickname in medical school,” he said prowling toward her, “My first name is Richard, but some assholes started calling me Dick. I didn’t mind because every woman I ever fucked turned limp and couldn’t walk for days.”

She covered her mouth and uttered the nickname he’d taken and owned. “So, Limp Dick McGee…”

“Means you’re going to need help standing after I done with you. Now, we gonna fuck or what?”



I can't wait to finally meet you after all this time. See you at 7 at Omalley's. I will be wearing a red dress.
Red my favorite color on a woman. Until tomorrow.  
Shutting down my laptop a small smile spread across my face. This little game would finally pay off and I couldn't wait for it all to fall into place. How I went about it all might seem extreme and criminal,  well because it was but it was the one piece of my past that just wouldn't fade away. It didn't matter how much money I made, what car I now drove, or how my body had changed from all the hours I spent at the gym she was part of my past that still haunted me. The tick that sounded in my head the one that said I wasn't a real man, that I was a giant joke.
After tomorrow the tick would be gone. The past would be just that the past.
I could have gone about this a totally different way but my hacking skills and my private investigator background made it easy to find her. To see what she had become. The irony in who she had become made me smile. The once chipper and popular girl was no longer that. The saying some peak in high school stood true for her. Closing my laptop and placing it on the night stand I turned off the light. When my head hit the pillow I fell into the best sleep I have had in a long time.
I arrived early and ordered a drink. Sipping my whiskey I scanned the room. I saw her when she came through the door. Watched her get a table and order her own drink. As the minutes passed I watched her nervousness increase.  How she began to straighten her dress, wiping her hands on her dress. When I was now fifteen minutes late I could see her panic begin. After another fifteen minutes and her checking her phone for the hundredth time I signaled the waitress.  Ordering the last drink and paying my tab I rose from my chair. I walked to the area of the bar where I could still see her and watched.
–  –   –   –   –  –   –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  – –
Ok so he was a bit late. It was Friday and traffic into downtown did get horrible. Maybe I missed his call or text? Checking my phone again I saw I hadn't.  Debating if I should call him myself I was brought out of my head by the waitress that approached my table. With confusion on my face as she sat a drink down in front of me.
“I didn't order that”
She smiled, “No you didn't. Oh Limp Dick Mcgee says cheers.”
Scanning the room for the person I knew I had given that name to I didn't see anyone who fit what I remembered him looking like.  Doing one more sweep I noticed the man step from the side of the bar heading towards the door. His face met mine and he winked at me. I had been played.
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