The challenge is real…respond to the prompt, no editing, and less than a thousand words…My FLASH piece is here
Please read my guest author post from Nichole Watson. The prompt today was ‘The Treehouse'…let's see what Nichole came up with…
The Treehouse

I slipped off my shoes, hocking up the bottom of my dress and ran. I ran ignoring the rocks thar pierced the bottoms of my feet. I didn’t stop until I got back home.  I slowed when my feet hit the grass of my front lawn. I couldn’t go in, not with my tear stained face.


Quickly and carefully I made my way to the backyard and went to the one place that always made me feel happy. The treehouse my dad had built just for me. I had never climbed up without shoes or in a dress making the climb in my homecoming dress was tricky but I made it up.


I loved this place. It was white with two windows,  flower boxes, and a wrap around porch. My brother’s Jeremiah and Owen had their own in another tree but mine was the fanciest. I remember my dad said it was because “Your my princess. “


Sitting so my legs dangled over the side of the little porch I wiped the tears that didn’t seem to want to stop. I would stay here until my curfew and then go inside.  I didn’t want my dad or brothers questioning why I was home early.  I didn’t want to have to explain how Brad dumped me at the dance.


I was in my thoughts and didn’t hear him until he cleared his throat.  Turning my eyes locked with Isaac’s,  Jeremiah’s best friend.  He climbed up and sat down next to me.


“How did you know?”


“Got a text. I know you come here when something is bothering you. Don’t worry I didn’t say anything. “


The tears started again and Isaac pulled me to his side wrapping his arm around me.


“it’s his loss Ava.”


After a few minutes the tears stopped and he stood pulling his phone out. Seconds later the quiet of the night was filled with John Legends All of Me. He reached his hand out to me.


“May I have this dance?”


At that moment I knew things between us had changed.

AH….I love that story!

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