I am writing and this story is killing me.

I'm about a third of the way into writing Forest's FALL. This story is going to be bigger than I originally thought. I can feel it. At 35,000 words, the first pivotal moment has arrived. My gut twists as the words flow from My-Mind-to-the-Page. The knots twist and turn with the agony of this scene I just finished. It's raw and ugly, painful and heart-breaking. Yet, it's only the beginning of Forest's FALL.

I know where this story is taking me. What I don't know is if I have the strength to take that path. It's going to be ugly and it's only getting worse from here. Each time I open my laptop to write, I have to pause for a minute and find the strength to sit at the keys and let Forest tell his story.

The Captive Hearts trilogy begins with She's MINE, continues in Embracing FATE, and will end with Forest's FALL, but if you want to understand Forest's journey, you'll need to read Ashes to New.

Ashes to New is available for FREE. You can click HERE to get your copy, but I will warn you…

It's NOT a romance. If you're looking for fluffy, sweet, and a love story with a happily ever after, this isn't it.

This is a story about the fiercest kind of love; about enduring, surviving, and never giving up.

“You're beautifully broken… my summer sky, my light in the darkness.” ~Forest

Trigger Warning  

Trapped within an abusive foster home, Elsbeth and Forest find there is light in the darkest places. With hope is as limitless as the summer sky, all they need is the love of one another to survive.

Sexually abused and tortured, they cling to each other as their only constant in a roiling sea of agony. Through it all, Elsbeth holds on to a single ray of hope. At eighteen, both she and Forest will no longer be victims of the foster care system. But time is not on their side. Master John has come for a visit. Escape is no longer an option, not if they plan to survive. Faced with a future of degradation and abuse there is but one choice left…

This book is graphic with triggers; it's not for the faint of heart  

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