The release of a new books is always an exciting endeavor. Months of preparation goes into the writing, marketing, and release of a book, from concept to writing, revisions to edits, it's a joy to bring these characters to life. I love to create characters and put them into difficult situations. From there I sit back and let them work things out. They generally surprise me with how creative they can be. At some point in the writing, I'm no longer creating. My characters take on life, personalities, and toss me their own twists and turns. This is what makes writing so much fun. I'm never really sure where the story is headed until the tale is spun out at the end.

I like to watch people and I use people from all around me, but I always instill a little bit of me into the characters, and Jet! (he's in all the men in some shape or form) I try to give them some of my own values, but just a touch…a hint.

Major Tia Myers is a strong female who is working hard in a man's world. I'm a bit like her. I was in the Air Force and drew heavily from my experiences when writing this story. I'm also medical, although I'm not a CRNA. TSgt Ryker Lyons is a character I drew from many of the respiratory technicians I've worked with over the years. And the setting for Bagram comes from the stories and pictures all my brothers and sisters in arms shared with me over the years.

HEART'S DESIRE is a rich tale of love and sacrifice. It's about following your dreams and never letting them go. I'm very proud of this story. It was a joy to write Tia and Ryker's story, and I know you're going to enjoy them too.

HEART'S DESIRE releases this Thursday, June 7th. You can grab your copy on Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and Google Play. Just follow this link!

Heart's Desire Teaser 7