So, I was having this conversation with my husband today, and he asked me…”What's the difference between good sex and great sex…I mean, in both good and great sex you get off (insert: get an orgasm)…but what is it about GREAT sex that makes it so much better? How do you write that into your books?”…this is while we're driving and I'm interviewing him about the male orgasm and what really gets him off. I guess he had the same question for me…

Good question…Good sex is ‘meh' takes the edge off I guess. Great sex is what this photo is talking about to me. It's that soul burning connection made between two people during sex…not the orgasm, the end result, but the road travelled to get there. It's in the promise of that flirty short skirt, in the seductive pull on his tie to the bedroom, it's in the light caress of skin over skin, in the nips and licks, and bites as tension ramps up. It's in the difference between being a gentleman and grabbing a fistful of her hair, turning her on her knees, and making her beg for more, for harder, for anything that will transcend the ordinary day. It's in the way she handles his cock, stroking and pulling, taking him to the edge and promising that finish.

That…the freedom to come blissfully undone in the hands of your lover…that is the difference between ‘good' sex and ‘GREAT' sex.

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