Hearts Collide

Hearts Collide

“The most difficult decision is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.” Amelia Earhart

Piper Raines is a physical therapist; one of the best, according to Forest. But Bent Hawthorne doesn’t agree. He regards the petite Piper as a major pain… A pain in his backside. What part of he’s permanently broken doesn’t she understand? His right arm was blown to hell and back when his tour bus ran over a roadside bomb in Bagram. Held together by metal, pins, and sheer will, his right hand will NEVER play the bass guitar again…. It’s time Angel Fire found themselves a new bass player, and just let him go.
Piper Raines is a 5’ 4” red headed pixie of a woman; fierce and full of fire. She doesn’t care HOW many times Bent fires her, she’s not leaving. She’s not giving up on Bent, even if Bent has given up on herself. Piper needs to find a trigger to break Bent out of his self-imposed prison of pity and refusal to believe he’ll get better. Bent NEEDS to try, he NEEDS to get better. But how?
“The buck stops here. You give it your all, or you give it up. What kind of man are you going to choose to be?” Ash, lead singer of Angel Fire.
As Piper and Bent continue their battle of wills, Bent discovers something about Piper, that calls to the dark side of his nature. He discovers Piper’s trigger, and his world view is shattered and remade. The sexual tension between them grows stronger and stronger; Piper fights to maintain a professional relationship with Bent, but can she? Should she? What if?
“She was his, and he was hers. Their exploration had barely started, and he already knew their forever stretched out before them.”

Captivating, riveting, enthralling! This story grabbed me by the throat and didn’t let go. I DEVOURED this book, barely taking time to sleep. It’s not your typical “feel good” romance; it’s raw, it’s gritty, it’s graphic and explicit. I felt as if I was IN the story, watching it all unfold before my eyes. If you enjoy a read that makes you feel, that makes you think, that just makes you want to know what’s going to happen next, then… this is the book for you! **Intended for audiences over 18; some BDSM and sexual scenarios. **


Bent is broken in body, mind, and spirit. Complications of a severe injury plague Angel Fire’s legendary bassist. He’ll never play again. Never take the stage with his bandmates. And never soak in the intoxication of the crowd. Music has abandoned him.

At least that’s what he’s told his persistent physical therapist, Piper. What kind of a name is that? Piper? The woman is petite and vivacious, a pixie with red hair and a spitfire attitude. She doesn’t know when to give up, or when to shove her perpetual positivity into the deepest, darkest hole.

He’s fired her more times than he can count. She should leave him to his misery, but the woman won’t take no for an answer. She challenges him. Pushes him. She never lets up. The fiery pixie is turning his entire world upside down, and that's pissing him off.

How does someone get rid of a perky pixie? Bent desperately needs Piper to leave him alone—especially now that the infuriating woman is invading his dreams and stirring up his darkest fantasies.