Hearts Collide

Hearts Collide!!

Hot Rockstar Romance!!

What do you get when you pair up a stubborn injured rockstar and a physical therapists that just won’t quit? You get a smoking hot rockstar romance with lots of steam. This is Bent and Piper’s story and it’s full of all the emotional angst that Ellie Masters is known for. So go one click and come along on an emotional journey of healing and finding true happiness.


Bent is broken in body, mind, and spirit. Complications of a severe injury plague Angel Fire’s legendary bassist. He’ll never play again. Never take the stage with his bandmates. And never soak in the intoxication of the crowd. Music has abandoned him.

At least that’s what he’s told his persistent physical therapist, Piper. What kind of a name is that? Piper? The woman is petite and vivacious, a pixie with red hair and a spitfire attitude. She doesn’t know when to give up, or when to shove her perpetual positivity into the deepest, darkest hole.

He’s fired her more times than he can count. She should leave him to his misery, but the woman won’t take no for an answer. She challenges him. Pushes him. She never lets up. The fiery pixie is turning his entire world upside down, and that's pissing him off.

How does someone get rid of a perky pixie? Bent desperately needs Piper to leave him alone—especially now that the infuriating woman is invading his dreams and stirring up his darkest fantasies.

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