Sometimes opposites do way more than attract …

Noodles has it all. As keyboardist for Angel Fire, he’s been living the rockstar lifestyle since he was sixteen. Parties, groupies, plenty of free time to surf … everything is perfect. But lately, he’s been feeling out of sorts. Aimless. Bored. Maybe his band manager’s quirky, gorgeous, and obnoxiously smart friend can help him figure it all out …

Mitzy is exactly where she needs to be. Her career as a computer specialist is flourishing, and she’s making a real difference in the world. Sure, her love life is nonexistent, but that’s OK. She has everything she’s ever wanted. Then a sexy and infuriatingly zen-like rocker saves her from a rogue wave and somehow manages to worm his way into her life. Now she’s not sure of anything anymore …

Can the rockstar and the computer nerd find enough common ground to fall in love? Or is their happily ever after destined for an epic wipeout?

Hearts Entwined is a Steamy, Contemporary Rock Romance, book 5 in the Angel Fire series of cocky rock stars. Noodles will tug at your heartstrings and have your heart racing. He's arrogant and met his match with the smart, feisty computer hacker who steals his heart. Don't miss out. Get your copy today and let the binge-reading begin.

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HEARTS ENTWINED: A Rock Star Romance

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