Jet and Ellie Masters. 

That’s US. 

We are the dynamic duo, a husband and wife team, who wrote The One I Want series, a collection of love stories. That’s right. We write about romance, the sexy, twisty, suspenseful stories with hot alphas and kickass heroines with swoon-worthy moments to feed your inner romantic and carry you away.

Our stories are beautiful, love at first sight, sensual romances that feature strong, professional, women and their journeys at finding love. Each book is about a different couple’s love story, and are standalone romances. You can read them in any order without any spoiled plots.

Jet and I fell in love at first sight and married four months later. What can we say? We write what we know! And we’re bringing our stories to you, because we believe in true love and romance.

Jet and I have written the kind of books that will stay with you long after the pages are read. If you believe in true love, romance, happily ever afters, and finding The One You Want, then open that first page and strap in for an incredible journey as this amazing collection of standalone romances sweeps you off your feet.

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