Ellie and Lucas Live Write pic Apr 30 2017


This is a live write I did with Lucas Black at his Sadie Hawkin's Live write on April 30th. I put the link to the event here as there were three other amazing pairs of authors writing incredibly hot words…but this is the one Lucas and I did, using that picture as our prompt.

Not familiar with a live write? Well, we write the story live…to a picture prompt neither of us has seen until the write begins. We have ONE hour, trading off to each other, where we craft a story! This is what we came up with….

Lucas Black Tom and Sue had two weeks to spend together, two weeks at the ranch to rekindle passions. A pair of workaholics, they'd sacrificed too much to their careers, but both fought tooth and nail for this two weeks together. The ranch belonged to Sue's uncle, at least, until he died six months before, leaving the whole kit and caboodle to her in his will.

They drove in separately, Tom leaving straight from work Friday. Sue flew in from a business trip, arriving two hours behind Tom, then drove out to the ranch from the airport. She knew he had some sexual plans in mind, but had no idea of the particulars. The mystery had her aroused.

She arrived to the house and a note on the dining table told her to meet him in the barn. She ventured out, curious as to what he had in mind. She gaped when she entered, seeing ropes and cuffs dangling from a post, and a brand-new riding crop in Tom's hand. Her eyes riveted to the crop.

“I think it's time a few things evolve and improve in this marriage,” Tom said. “And you're disturbingly overdressed for our second honeymoon, my love.”

Ellie Masters Velvet wrapped her body like a lover’s embrace. She’d worn this just for him, but was sorely overdressed. Disturbingly overdressed? His words. Not hers.

The barn gave her pause and had her worried about how her knees would fare. She’d intended to spend a great deal of time on them, sucking him if he let her. But that was the problem. He never played by the rules, not hers at least. She both hated and loved how he could spin her about, twisting her thoughts into a tangled mess. He loved toying with her, and to be honest, she craved the dance.

He’d obviously arrived before her and had games afoot. But this?

“No way are you cuffing me, hun.” Her gaze skated around the barn, skipping over the ropes, the cuffs, and other implements he'd laid out. Slowly, she backed out, getting ready to turn and run.

Lucas Black “Yes way,” he said, smirking at Sue as she trembled. She really had nowhere to go. He could outrun her easily, and as she entered the house to put her luggage away, he’d casually let the air out of two of her tires, so her Lexus was stuck like Chuck until he dragged out the air compressor to refill those tires.

“Your car is on two flats, and if you think you can outrun my ass in your heels, or barefooted, you're wrong. Now, strip naked as birth and approach the post before you dig your hole deeper than you can climb out.”

Ellie Masters Her heels wobbled on the uneven ground, and her nose itched from the hay. Trying to run while suppressing a sneeze had to be the least sexy thing in the world.

“Wait! What?” He’d let out the air to her tires. “We never talked about this.”

Except he had caught her with that one book, the one she’d quickly hid. It contained some of her darkest desires, and the fucker seemed to have read every damn page. And if she knew Tom, he was dead set on following this through. Which left her with a choice. Challenge him and run? He probably expected that. Or, she could do exactly as he said. Strip naked as a jaybird. Yes, that’s what she would do, then it would be her turn to watch his eyes pop.

Slowly, she peeled out of her dress, making it a fucking tease, and watched him harden beneath those jeans.

Lucas Black He hid his smile, pleased with her choice. While chasing and tackling her, overpowering her like that dom had done in her book, then whipping her maybe bent over the hood of her car, was deeply appealing, her voluntary submission appealed to deeper parts of him. He enjoyed her show, delighted as she slinked and slithered from her dress, knowing he'd go hard on her, but knowing that deep inside, this was precisely what she wanted. The tattered and dog-eared book told him its own tale by its very condition. She'd read and re-read that book God alone knew how many times.

He watched, his eyes on her, and his expression gave away nothing, as she approached the post naked, on trembling knees, and offered herself to bondage. Quickly, not wasting a second, he bound her with the ropes. Sue was helpless. “It's time,” he told her, and popped the crop across her firm ass.

Ellie Masters “Fucking A! That hurts,” she cried out. “Wanna go easy there, babe?”

This was supposed to be just fun. No way would he go all Dom on her. Tom wasn’t a sadistic man. He was the kind of man who saved spiders while she squashed them beneath her heels. Saving puppies was more his game, but he seemed to have the ass whipping down pat. She was so fucked. When had he learned about this?

He popped the damned crop against her ass again, lifting her on her toes. “Okay, okay, okay,” she said. “Lighten up.” But fuck that was hot. How to tell him not to stop while her ass lit on fire? Now that hadn’t been in the book, and that heroine took her licks like a champ. Sue was already ready to quit. How the hell was she to get through this?


Again? Again with the crop!


She screeched at him to stop, needing a moment to think this though.

Lucas Black “If you say ‘red,' I'll stop,” Tom told her. “I'll refill your tires, and see you whenever you come home, Sue. The choice is yours. But there will be orgasms you can't imagine if you stay the course.” He laid down five strokes of the crop, his face giving away nothing as he eyed her. “What's it to be, Sue? Surrender to me, or is your pride too great for you to submit? I'll love you the same, but this is what I think is our right course.”

Ellie Masters She lifted on her toes. She hung from her arms. She twisted away. And through the fog of pain, his words found their way to her ears. Red. One word would end this, and she rode the cusp of speaking her fears, but to do so would end this before they’d ever begun.

Before she could answer she had one question for him. She didn’t want to say that word. No matter how much her ass burned, a greater heat grew between her legs. Nervous sweat beaded her skin, but the wetness between her legs spoke the truth of what she desired.

She shook her head. “Answer me this first. Second honeymoon and all? That means new things, and I need to know, where do you intend to take this?”

How far down into the darkness would they travel?

Lucas Black “I intend to take it as far as it will go,” he answered with a bit of mystery. Sue gaped at this comment, then yelped as another lash found her ass, this on the side as she tried without much success to twist away. “And we won't know until we take this journey, Sue.”

He lashed again, then put his hand between her thighs, teasing her wet clit. “Or you can say red, and this is done. I'll untie you, refill your tires, then go home and spend the weekend on the sofa watching baseball on TV.” His fingers began teasing harder, and Sue moaned from deep in the pity of her belly.

Ellie Masters “You said honeymoon, I already have a ring.” What she wanted was something more permanent, a symbol of this change occurring between them. Hell, right now she’d settle for his cock, either choking her mouth or slamming in her pussy. “What’s your offer?”

His fingers teased her clit, driving her back onto her toes, this time with blinding pleasure instead of pain. That man had magical fingers.

Taunting him probably wasn’t wise, not with the fire burning in his eyes. Something had changed between them. Darkness gathered at the edges of his eyes, and a fierceness set his jaw locking tight. She’d pushed perhaps too hard, but damn, if he wasn’t willing to commit, she wouldn’t surrender.

It wouldn’t take much, but she had to know this was a path he wanted to travel.

“You won’t get it,” she said. “I won’t say red. I’m tired of weekends on the sofa, watching TV…I want this. Whatever this is…”

He slammed his fingers deep, curling them on the slow drag out, forcing a scream from her throat.

“I want this!”

Lucas Black Tom watched as Sue had an intense cum, one he judged to be about a nine on the Richter scale, if how her body tried and failed to curl into a fetal position was any indication, which he knew it was. He dipped into a bag and approached with a velvet-covered box, about eight inches by eight. He opened it and Sue gaped at the collar therein, a cunningly crafted item of serpentine silver and gold links with a ruby set at its front.

“At the end of our honeymoon, if you make it through, if you want it, you'll have earned this, and I'll be your master forever, and you my slave, Sue. What's it to be?”

Ellie Masters She screamed pure joy. He was all in and it looked like the days of hinting with a casually misplaced book were in her past. He’d taken the bait and run hard and fast with it, faster than she thought she could follow. That excited her more than was probably wise.

Now, how to get him to read that other book?

“I want you. All of you. Master of my heart. Master of my soul. I want you.”

He promised her a collar, now all she had to do was survive whatever he had in mind……


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