Ellie's Monthly book update.

What's coming this month?

In March, I'm super excited to be bringing to you the third book in THE TIES THAT BIND series: MICHELLE

This is Michelle's book. You can grab your copy at elliemasters.com/Michelle

Michelle is a devoted submissive who's being asked by her Dom, Tank, to consider the possibility of taking things to the next level.

In their world, taking things to the next level doesn't mean a ring and children, but rather a collar and absolute submission. Tank is happy being her Dom, but he craves stepping into the role of Master.

Michelle is a beauty Queen. She's been winning beauty pageants since she was three. She's been compared to Marilyn Monroe and is utterly and completely in love with her Dom, a gruff Marine turned boxer, turned financial entrepreneur.

Deeply submissive, she's perfectly happy in her role as Tank's submissive, but he wants more. He wants to take their D/s dynamic to the next level. He wants to become her Master and elevate her to his slave. This terrifies Michelle. She's a submissive at heart, primed to please her Dom, but his request is something which tests the limits of her submission.

It might just break them.

She's not convinced she's slave materiel, but he believes this is the right time, the right step, and exactly what she needs to shine. He asks her to take their D/s dynamic for an M/s test drive at The Ties that Bind's annual charity event.

Michelle reluctantly agrees but isn't convinced this is the right step. Tank feels otherwise.

He knows her submissive heart craves his domination and if he can just get her to commit to a single night, maybe he can show her this is the right path for them as a couple.

Michelle is riddled with doubt.

Tank is assured this is exactly what she needs.

She agrees to a time-limited engagement, putting herself up for auction at The Ties that Binds annual charity event.

For one day, one week, one month, or one year, Tank's bid will determine how long their Master/slave test drive lasts.

Can Tank prove to Michelle this is their destiny? Or will Michelle's self-doubt keep them from discovering what they can become together?

What I'm writing?

In 2020, my writing schedule is fully planned.

In MARCH, I'm working on FIRESTORM, and while the title is no secret, the project it's connected to is under wraps. I'm hoping to be able to announce this project sometime in March as I'm VERY excited to be writing this book. I can't wait to share further details with you.

What am I editing?

I'm currently going over edits for Forest's FALL. This is, by far, my most anticipated release. Currently scheduled for an October 2020 release, I will more than likely be moving that up to a July/August release. I know! I know! This is AMAZING NEWS!!!! I can't wait to get this book out to all of you.

Forest's story was painful to write. His story stumped me for so long, and I had MASSIVE anxiety writing his story. But I have to tell you, Forest's FALL IS PERFECTION. It's everything and more than I ever thought it would be. I can't wait to get it out to you!

If you haven't preordered you can secure your copy now. Just click on elliemasters.com/ForestsFall

I'll have more news for you soon. Cover Reveals, more upcoming news, tons of cool stuff!



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