Desecrating Solomon II

by Author Lucian Bane
Releases In 5 Days

Snippet #1


The stifling air in the dark cell slowly turned colder with that one word. Every beat of Solomon’s heart brought the poison deeper into his mind until his blood felt like acid and scraped at his bones. He focused on his labored breaths, mentally clinging to the sound, the only life-line keeping his sanity from being sucked into the halls of the asylum around them.

“Do you know what that is?”

The fragile question trembled out of her and Solomon fought with himself to answer her, remove the fear that quaked through her body. They’d find a way out, they’d make a way needed to tell her. But his body was gripped with knowing, to the point of tasting it. The harrowing contrast between suffering indefinitely to an unknown degree, and death. Death had an end, an eventual escape. The other did not. The other meant you remained, you stayed in the grave, alive and aware, unable to speak, unable to cry out in any discernable way while the world stared in wonder of just how alive you were or weren’t.

That’s what a lobotomy was to him.

He needed to fight. He needed to fight hard and without stop and he needed to do it now, in that foul cell, that very second.

Chaos wailed quietly a few feet away and Solomon used the pitiful sound to break the lobotomy horror that had begun embalming his body in its living grave. He reached into the inky space for her. The darkness was dense, indicating that wherever they were, there was no light except the fleeting one his captor’s had left with. “Shhhhhh,” he managed. At touching her, Solomon’s mind said hold on tight. This is your focal point, your anchor. He obeyed the instinct, not even questioning it. Holding her tight to his body, he stroked his hand over the cold skin of her back and arms.

He continued consoling her with shhhh, shhhh until he realized she wasn’t the one trembling, he was. He forgot her immunity to the madness around her. He was glad her mind was sheltered and numb to the reality at least.

As though she knew this, knew that she was immune and he wasn’t, her arms went around his upper body and she held him in a vicious grip. “I-I’m the Redemptrix Vessel.” The whispered words came hot against the skin of his chest and Solomon held her like the lone branch on the wall of a cliff. “I can talk to Master, I can make him choose me,” she gasped.

Her words bounced around in his mind and he fought to grab hold of them, of their meaning. “Choose you?” His mouth moved and he heard the words and yet didn’t. Almost like he was dead… but alive. Trapped in his body.

The sudden terror of losing his mind before the master could take it, jolted panic through him. “No!” he gasped. “He can’t have you! He can’t have me.”

“I don’t want you to suffer,” she choked out bitterly, like there was no option but one or the other—her or hm. Suffering had to come, there was no out of that, only which of them might be negotiated. “I’m the Redemptrix Vessel, I messed up. I should be the one to pay. Master always said I was the wild card in this evil game, I was the one to save the town, not you, me, not you!”

Solomon’s mind and body slowly knit together tighter. With every second, his ability to think faster and clearer returned like sparks of fire. “You didn’t mess up,” he whispered, shaking her a little. “Nobody messed up. Chaos? Listen, I need you to listen to me.” Solomon held her face tight before him in the dark and fluttered kisses along her mouth. “I really need you to hear me, I need you to hear me and understand something very deep in your heart and mind for me, can you do that?” The barest nod came with her shaky breaths on his lips. “Good, good.”

She latched her fingers onto his shoulders from behind, pressing her cold breasts firmly into his chest. Solomon gasped at the hot connection, desperate for any and every kind of bond he could get with her.

“You are my wife now.” He stated the fierce words right on her lips, not wanting anything in that cell to steal them. “I want to take care of you, I want to have children with you, be a family, that’s what I want. Are you hearing me?”

She let out a sob against his mouth and nodded.

“Tell me you want this too, Chaos, you have to tell me—that you want this.”

“I want this, I want this,” she said bitterly. “But I can’t, I can’t.”

“Yes you can, you can,” he said fervently. “Do you trust me, Beautiful?” Words had never ached and burned inside of Solomon more.

She nodded a lot and Solomon focused his mind, knowing this hour, these seconds might be his final shot.

“I know that this means a lot to the town, I understand that. I understand that there is a curse that has to be lifted but did you know…” he said, ideas swirling in his mind, “that when you found me, you found more than the answer to your curse?”

Solomon had kissed her between every other word and she now struggled to kiss him back, her fingers turning desperate along his neck. “W…what, tell me,” she said.

He slipped his fingers under her hair to cradle the back of her head while she pressed soft innocent kisses on his mouth. “I’m here to end the curse.” The urgency in her lips made him even more desperate to convince her that they had to live.

“Yes,” she whispered, her kisses becoming hotter now.

Solomon took the angle in, following the tightly woven fabric of lies in her mind while being careful not to move too quickly and suddenly. The last thing he needed was to push her into a mental place that might break her. Keeping his kisses fervent, he continued, “It’s finally so very clear to me, Beautiful. I was brought here to help Master. I think you knew, you knew all along and that’s why I was picked. Because I would be able to help set it all back right.”
“Yes, you’re the one.” Her fingers raked in his hair as he moved his mouth along her face to her ear for the clencher.

To be continued tomorrow……… 🙂

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