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A relationship between a Master and His submissive is a fervent, empowering, and freeing journey. One that is born of deep yearning. Her submission is my addiction. From the first time she cast her eyes downward she ignited something I long ago buried; soul deep need. The need to control her- dominate her every breath – Master her body and own her desire. 

My life was colorless, bland, tasteless. I wore my well-deserved guilt like a badge of honor, hiding behind the thick walls I built, never allowing anyone close. Then she walked back into my life. She was too innocent, too pure, too good for the man I had become. Every part of me was screaming to let her walk away, not tarnish her perfection. 

I am the Master, she is my treasured submissive. This is the story of how I found my salvation in her submission.

** Warning** This book contains strong language and explicit sexual content. Please be advised BDSM themes including – Dominance, bondage, punishment, and Master and submissive. * ENJOY!

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Riley Edwards: My debut novel Nightstalker released in July. I tried to come up with some interesting stuff about myself you would like to know. You know some witty funny stuff that would make me sound fab-u-lous but alas I am boring. Just an FYI, nothing will depress you faster than that realization. A regular mom of four. My two eldest are in the military. #Go Navy! #Army Strong! A regular wife to an extraordinary man! I now live on the East coast but long for the days of my youth running around the beaches of Southern Cali where I grew up.
A close friend recently described me as, and I quote, “You are annoying, brash, sexy, loud, boobed, beautiful, needy, supportive, wonderful, interesting, aggressive, and fun. All to varying degrees throughout each and every day.”

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