Jet and I believe in True Love and Love at First Sight. We're living proof such a thing exists.

Jet has supported every endeavor I've attempted during our marriage, and this is true of my writing. He supported my decision to write, to publish, to self-publish and all that came with the same enthusiasm with which he supported my dream to become a doctor.

It came with sacrifice because it took me away from him–time I needed to write and live in alternate worlds. But he loves me enough to find joy in watching me pursue my passions, as I do for him. We support each other.

When he pitched a New series idea to me, I told him how wonderful it sounded, but what would make it easier for me to write would be if I had some kind of plot. I told him that I would ‘get to it,' which was my way of saying I didn't have a clue what those characters might say, and ‘Thank you, but no thank you.'

I'm a panster and sometimes that makes things harder.

He said NO PROBLEM, how about this…and proceeded to work out a complete story over the course of an hour drive in the country.

That story became Aiden & Ariel's romance. Once I finished their story, he had Brent & Brie's in mind. We worked on these stories together, plotting out what happened during our drives in the country. He would describe entire scenes, while I furiously transcribed notes for later. Having him embrace my passion…creating these characters together…putting them through the wringer…LOL…well…it's been nothing but magic. I may even have fallen in love with him all over again. My Jet is a romantic and has really enjoyed writing these four books with me. He's ready to start books 5-8! I can't keep up with his ideas!

We're now thrilled to be bringing these stories to you. These are stories about falling in love, about love at first sight, and about all the feels that come with finding your soulmate.

They're pretty damn awesome.

Best part? I got to write these stories with the love of my life.

You can grab your copy here.

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