PENNIE$….WOW, simply one prolonged breathless WOW.

I'm a Pepper fan, she inspired me to write and to publish my first book, and THIS is why! THIS IS WHY I'M a forever FAN! The words tunneled into the soul of this book are things of INSPIRATION.

I started this book, nose pressed to the glass of my Iphone, breath fogging the screen, breathless and desperate to NOT spoil the ending, because my heart thumped, my breath was stolen, my very existence stopped! I found myself starving for oxygen and wanted ONLY ONE THING. I had to flip to the end. I NEEDED to know how it would all turn out. BUT I DIDN'T! I read page by speechless page, mute with the horror, the desperation, and in awe of the strength of this precious creature. Because the girl who was Tasmin was no more. In her stead, a creature too strong to break, too fragile to survive, too determined to tell her story, stood in defiance of her fate.

And Pim's savior is merely a monster in gentleman's clothing. He's there not to save, but to steal, and to take, and to ravage every secret Pim has left. I thought Q was amazing. I thought Jethro was beyond incredible, but here is a new darkly forbidden man. Elder Prest is a force not to be denied. AND I NEED MORE…MORE…and MORE.

This is the first book in the series. It is a complete book. Answers are given. More are hidden. And new questions continue to rise. YES, you do need this book. YES, you will need to hollow out the time to read from beginning to end. YES, you will enjoy this delicious tale.

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