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Quills and Daggers, by Chris Genovese

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Quills and Daggers – A second chance at love story

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Dead bodies are bad for business.

At least that’s what Ivory thinks when a murder takes place a few blocks away from The Motor Quill tattoo parlor. Inking San Francisco’s finest and hanging out with his older, special needs brother, is a routine he’s grown accustomed to. No need to fix something that ain’t broken. 

Breaking things is what Nikki is best at. When she walks back into Ivory’s life, he finds his second chance at love, but he also realizes the skeletons tucked safely in his closet can’t wait to dredge up dark desires. 

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The story is full of twists and turns from the beginning to the end. Nikki walks back into Ivory's life, however, they are both hiding things from their past. Songs, murders, and of course the fedora leave questions that need to be answered. Do they get answered in this book? Read it to find out. You will not be disappointed. It is wonderfully written. 
A great read!! – Goodreads reviewer
Chris Genovese grabs you from the first sentence and leaves you begging for more. Episode five gives you a few more pieces of the puzzle but makes you question everything you thought you knew. Outstanding storytelling. – Reviewer


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Episodes 1 – 5
LIVE: Riley Edwards –http://bit.ly/UnbrokenPartOne

LIVE: Erin Trejo – http://bit.ly/IronClawMC

LIVE: Ellie Masters – http://bit.ly/LearningtoBreatheOne

LIVE: Elias Raven – http://bit.ly/ShadowandFlame

LIVE: Chris Genovese –http://bit.ly/QuillandDaggers

Episodes 6-10

Riley Edwards Unbroken part 2 PRE ORDER 6.13.17

Erin Trejo 6.27.17

Ellie Masters 7.11.17

Elias Raven 7.25.17

Carver Pike 8.1.17

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