This is the FOURTH book I've critiqued for Pam Godwin and she is an amazingly talented writer. This is the review I left on Amazon…if you haven't yet bought the book, go do so NOW!




PAM GODWIN has done it again! This is a story that will resonate with a wide audience because it will rock your world. It's a suspenseful romance, with spine-tingling, pulse-pounding romance buried beneath blackmail, corruption, deceit, sprinkled in the world of illegal racing, and founded on the legs of vengeance. Yeah, did I mention this was a romance? I kid you not! Pam Godwin's storytelling magic pulls this trick off.

DIRTY TIES is an amalgamation of H-O-T SEX, betrayal, L*O*V*E, corruption, and redemption all rolled up into one hell of a ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first to the very last page. When you finish, you'll want start all over again. It starts fast-paced and never slows down. It's gritty, original, with plot twists and turns that won't let you catch your breath.

Kaci is a woman looking to take control. Evader is a man seeking revenge. This is what their lives have become. It's the dirty lies and ties that will bind them.

Kaci is rich, courageous, strong, brave, beautiful and trapped in an unconventional marriage, full of love, but lacking in what she desires most, passion. She's desperate to find happiness, but the secrets and deception of her family business are ties too strong to break. So, she lives on the edge, stalking a dark, enigmatic biker who makes her pulse soar with each of his illegal races. Evader is gorgeous and mysterious, and he never loses. He's exactly what she wants, but an affair with any man is the one thing that threatens everything she's worked to achieve.

Evader races to win. His solitary life goal is to enact his personal brand of justice on those who have wronged those he loves. He doesn't care who gets in his way and will use whoever it takes to achieve his goal, even the hot blonde who watches his races. He's the perfect anti-hero, one of the hottest, most appealing heroes I've read in a long time. So many facets to this man. So much to love. So much to hate. So much drool worthy intoxication detonating on the page.

When these two collide, the chemistry is nuclear hot and the sexual tension is explosive. Intimate moments steal your breath away.

And then comes Logan…

Dirty Ties is full of addicting plot twists and turns. It's a fast-paced page turning read, one that will consume your evening because it's impossible to put down.

This story has several amazing characters from the main characters of Kaci, Evader, and Logan, to the supporting characters of Collin and Benny, and yes, even to the worst of them all, Trent.

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