I went on a cruise and had THIS book to read…FORBID ME by M. Robinson….O. M. G. this was fabulous…amazing, and what a rollercoaster of love, laughter, (there were a few tears), and times when I wanted to shake some sense into Jacob and Lily!

Every second…EVERY moment, I spent devouring this book, I was entranced by the power of M. Robinson’s words. I consumed every phrase, paragraph and page. With the ending of each chapter, I had to continue, my reading at a frenzied pace to just SEE what would happen next.

Jacob and Lily are entwined in a forbidden love, but it was magical and simple AND just meant to be. And I love how Jacob cared so deeply for Lily. He never stepped over THAT line—his respect for Lily wouldn’t allow it—but boy did it come close. I loved this was a forbidden love, forbidden because of the age difference and forbidden because she’s his best friend’s baby sister. But everything about their love…just WORKED.

AND once Jacob decided Lily was going to be his…holy hotness…to have a man love and desire you with such passion is truly a gift.


M. ROBINSON held me captive during this wild ride, and I loved every second of it. I never wanted to leave…I never wanted it to end. I am desperately waiting for Dylan and Aubrey’s story…After Complicate Me and Forbid Me…I can only imagine what will come next.