Erotica comes in many flavors and at its heart its about sex and love. That love is shown through the sexual journey of the individuals involved in the story. It is the story that differentiates erotica from porn, an art form written purely with the desire to gratify readers with the physical side of love.  At its heart, erotica is about an emotional connection, a difference which is key, I believe in the storytelling. Love, whether it is self-love or the loving of others can be told through erotic writing. It does not have to have a happily ever after, it does not have to fade-to-black when the clothes come off, and it doesn't have to hide behind the white picket fence.

When I started reading, I started with romance. The type of romance that was always happily ever after and never about the sex, though these types of romance had some heavy bosoms breathing and descriptions of his manhood hardening.

When I read my first official erotic book years later, I instantly saw the difference. There was no romantic love. It was clearly wham-bam-thank-you-m'am, and I was left lingering for the story. I got more heat out of the longing stares and the tender kisses than I did out of any of the genitals thrusting in and out.

Now, there are many publishers and self-publishers who have combined romance with erotic images to give us a blend of story and physical love, coining the type of erotica we know as Romantica. Soon many other publishers followed suit creating a tidal wave permeating virtually every domain of fiction out there. We know have practically every genre out there with some degree of erotica associated with it.

The point is, people like their romance raw and erotica is selling. My erotica is about the journey of an individual. It's raw. It's not always forgiving. It can at times be dark and it's always about sexual discovery.

It does what it is supposed to do: titillate the senses.

I think you'll agree.