Every Saturday, I ask my reader group to give me a sexy picture. I will write to the picture which speaks to me the most.

“Post your sexiest/sensual FB approved pics. Vote for your favorites using the ‘LIKE” button. I'll take the one with the most likes, or the one which speaks to me most, and write an erotic short to it. Maybe something longer. It depends on how inspired I feel. Make sure to return to see what I've written.”

Today…this is the picture spoke to me….


Your day is done. I poured your glass. We’re nearly ready to begin the fun. The tie which wrapped your neck now binds my wrists.

And I sit; quiet and yet not so patient for the next step to begin.

Blue grey smoke curls in the space between us. The flavor of that cigar coats your tongue with the same sin it wraps around my body. My nostrils flare with the pinch of your eyes.
It’s almost time.

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