Collective Season Two

I haven't talked too much about Redemption in here before, but I'm ready to start now. And this is why!!! I'm so excited!!! The Collective Season Two is launching in October!!! We've got Mob bosses, MC gangs, corrupt politicians, and so much more!!!

Are you ready to find out what all the buzz is about?

We’ve set the stage, created the characters, and fashioned a world full of twists and turns. Now it’s your turn to sit back and immerse yourself in this incredible series.

Each episode weaves the characters and storylines of eight standalone novels together to give you an epic crossover series.

We’ve left you breadcrumbs, tidbits of information intertwined throughout our stories. Can you find them? Can you collect the clues we’ve left behind?

No one is safe as corrupt politicians and dirty cops rule the streets. A child’s death puts targets on the backs of those in law enforcement and sets two cities ablaze. When the Police Chief’s daughter is kidnapped amid the chaos, will the Collective rescue her in time?

Featured authors in order of appearance-
Absolution—B.R. Bradley
Ensnared—Leona Windwalker
Gravity—J.L. Leslie
Swayed—Erin M Trejo
Flawed—Jade Royal
Trust—Riley Edwards
Angst—Samantha A. Cole
Redemption—Ellie Masters

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