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There are some things in this world we are not supposed to fully understand as outsiders. Ellie Masters takes us to those places with the magic of her words. Down the Rabbit Hole is an amazing journey into the world of BDSM. A curious outsider or long time insider, you'll want to read this incredible journey.

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Are second chances a myth? After twenty-five years, I expect champagne and flowers. What I get instead is heartbreak and a divorce. With my life in shambles, I hit the road and begin a voyage of self discovery and growth. When my keyboard reveals a world of sensual fantasy and dark desires, I don’t know whether to leap into the unknown or play things safe. What I do know is that I’m worth a second chance. I may be forty-five, but I’m not ready to give up on love.

✦What Reviewers are Saying✦

✦Wow this book opened my eyes up to a whole new world. Loved it from the very second I started until I finished it, putting it down very reluctantly. The storyline had me enthralled from the onset, how a quiet and unassuming lady saw a whole new world open up before her, and what she went through both mentally and physically to find herself again. This book certainly was very hard to put down. Another awesome write by Ellie Masters. Read it for yourself !!~ Anne, Goodreads

✦Well Ellie Masters has done it again. She has written another book that I devoured from start to finish. This is a second-chance self discovery book, and I loved every minute of Angie's journey. The way this story is told through Angie's perspective and mostly through an online chat communication, you feel as if you are taking this new journey with her. From asking the basic questions to the more in depth questions of the BDSM lifestyle, Angie discovers her needs and wants for herself in her life now. And what she discovers Leads to a wonderful story and relationship.~ Jennifer, Goodreads


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