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I’ve been to Hell and back,
And back again.
It's a never-ending cycle for me.
Every time I think the worst is over,
I get knocked right back down again.
I grew up on the streets. I've been traded in and out of men's beds,
I thought that was my lowest moment, but I was wrong.
I was taken from one hell and sold into another.

I'm calloused, hardened, and hopeless.
But when Griff swoops in,
More than once,
To protect me, save me, rescue me,
One thing is certain:
He’ll never stop saving me.
He’s my Guardian angel,
One I can't live without.

I'd go to Hell and back to save her,
Knock anyone down who gets in my way.
I did it once. I’ll do it again.
I’ll do it as many times as it takes.
She's strong, bold, and beautiful,
Yet vulnerable, sensitive, and perfect.
She deserves the best in life,
Except the hand she's been dealt.
I need her, love her, crave her,
And I'll do anything to keep Moira safe.

Rescuing Moira is a fast-paced, steamy, contemporary, military, romantic suspense that will tug at your heartstrings and leave your heart racing.

The Guardian Hostage Rescue Series is About Captivity, Rescue, & Recovery.

Violent Action Scenes Contrast With A Deep Journey Of Discovery as Each Couple Works To Make Their Own Sense Of Normal Despite The Depravity They Have Both Witnessed.

The Suspense Mounts As The Guardians Work To Bring A Human Trafficking Ring Down.

Trigger warning: sensitive readers should take note. This book includes violence, abduction, issues of non-consent, and captivity.

Each book is a standalone, following one couple’s happy for now ending, but the story of the Guardians is ongoing throughout.


An organization formed for the purpose of rescuing hostages both domestic and worldwide, Guardian HRS is composed of primarily ex-military special forces – trained soldiers and experts in their fields.

The best and the finest are recruited upon leaving the military in order to serve on these elite teams. Since most are former military, they slide into their roles with relative ease.

They must perfect enhanced interrogation techniques, without which their missions would be doomed to fail. Unlike the military, they are not restricted by governmental standards. They have no qualms about taking out bad guys.

Due to the nature of their work, staying in prime physical condition is a requirement. When not employed on missions, the Guardians do physical training and drills. They work one week a month to empower their rescued victims by teaching them self-defense. Tech and medical teams provide vital mission support to the Guardians.

Sam, who is a legend in the black ops community, heads the organization. He is well-connected in the government and recruits only the best to join the ranks of the Guardians. The company assists the FBI on a contract basis with domestic off-the-books hostage extractions, working mostly with wealthy clients. These government connections help to keep Guardians protected by people in high places even though their work doesn’t typically stay within the law.

The tech team is a brilliant but disorganized group. They are led by Mitzy, Lead Technical Engineer, who has a bit of OCD but is a veritable tech genius. Mitzy is quirky and brilliant with a computer, so Forest snatched her up for the Guardians. The tech team works in the background, digging up the information needed to ensure successful missions. Mitzy works with facts and leaves the assumptions to the Guardians.

The medical team stands on call at all times. They frequently travel on location to save lives and administer care to team members and rescued victims alike. Dr. Skye Summers, Lead Medical Physician, also happens to be one of the two co-founders of The Guardians. Ryker and Tia, a married couple, are on the medical team.

Guardian operations are overseen by Charles James Rowan (CJ), formerly of Delta team, who has become a famed member of the organization since bringing down a serial killer and his copy cat in book one, Rescuing Melissa. He still reports to Sam, but he has since been promoted to Mission Commander. He leads Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta teams. Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie teams travel worldwide to take down traffickers and rescue victims. Delta team’s focus remains domestic.

Alpha team includes Max (Alpha-One) as team leader. Knox is his second (Alpha-Two). Axel (Alpha-Three) is team medic. Griff (Alpha-Four) specializes in interrogation. Liam and Wolfe finish out the team (Alpha-Five and Alpha-Six).

Bravo team is led by Brady, Max’s best friend (Bravo-One). The team includes Booker.

Charlie team includes Tex as team leader (Charlie-One), Hank (Charlie-Two), Walt (Charlie-Three), Blake, Jeb, and Gabe.

Delta, CJ’s old team, is now led by Jenny (Delta-One). Delta team is the only Guardian team with female members. Others on the team include Mac, Jon Knutt, Brett Parmley, and Charlene Moudin (Delta-Six). Charlie/Charlene – every man’s wet dream – is the newest member of the team. Jenny is from Brazil and a former victim herself. She and Mac have an interesting dynamic.

Located along the California coast, The Facility is a residential rehabilitation center run by the organization. It is a secure facility that rescued victims can opt to stay at while learning to overcome the trauma they have faced. The huge complex serves as a safe place for trafficking survivors and rescued youth to live and learn how to recover their lives. Most of its residents are minors, many of which were rescued from the foster system. In addition to learning self-defense, they are provided counseling and education. While residents at The Facility, victims work to build self-confidence. They learn to empower themselves by not being victims, but by becoming survivors.

Forest Summers is a billionaire investor whose support funds many of the Guardians’ activities. He and his sister Skye co-founded The Guardians: HRS. Sam runs the show, but he reports to Forest. Forest’s troubled youth has inspired him to help those in need. He is committed to rescuing youth from bad foster homes as well as liberating those swept up into human trafficking. Taking down the networks behind the business is a priority. Forest’s interests don’t just stop there, though. He also founded The Facility and manages the rock band Angel Fire. He dabbles in many things. He has a brilliant but unusual mind. He doesn’t relate well to people yet dedicates his time and money to helping the most unfortunate.

Note that Forest Summers is a crossover character. An emotional prequel to his story gives readers insight into his early trauma and motivation. Read the novella Ashes to New to learn about him and his foster sister Skye. Read Changing Roles (books 4-6), a book by Jet Masters (and Ellie Masters) that crosses several series in one book. It shows the human trafficking side of the story and Forest’s involvement from that angle. He is also in the Angel Fire rock star series as their manager, where he finally gets his own HEA. Forest’s Fall is book six of that series. It takes place after Changing Roles (and was previously book three of the Captive Hearts series).

That is not the only crossover. Three on the medical team also have crossover stories. Skye Summers gets her story with Ash Dean (a.k.a. Blaze) in book one of the Angel Fire rock band series, Heart’s Insanity. Major Tia Meyers (T) and Technical Sergeant Ryker Lyons get their story in Heart’s Desire, book two of the Angel Fire series. On the tech side, Mitzy gets her story with Noodles of Angel Fire in book five of that series, Hearts Entwined. It was through Forest that she met rock star Noodles. There is also crossover of Ariel Black, ex-military helicopter pilot, who helps with an assist in Rescuing Moira. Her book is the first book in The One I Want series, Aiden.

Fans will note that the last chapter in Rescuing Moira points to the next book in the series, Rescuing Eve (book four). Eve Deverough had been kidnapped from Cancun along with Zoe in book two. After getting unloaded from the container ship, the girls were separated and put onto different flatbed trucks. There are hints that Max (Alpha-One) will be sent into a trafficking ring undercover, taking advantage of the information recovered by Moira.

The Guardian Hostage Rescue Specialists are dark, raw, and gritty. They deal with captivity, rescue, and recovery. Violent action scenes contrast with a deep journey of discovery. The suspense mounts as the Guardians work to bring a human trafficking ring down.

The stories are plot-driven. The details are complex. Although the books in the series are standalone, much is gained by reading them all in order. 

Much thanks to B. Roscoe who provided the excellent source material for this run down of the Guardian Hostage Rescue Specialists series, and so very graciously allowed me to use her words.

Thank you so very much!


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