Jet and I are thrilled to reveal the covers for our new series, The One I Want. A series of love stories embodying what we believe about love. True Love exists. Love at First Sight is Real.

Join us as we gear up to launch our new series!

Love is everywhere in this swoon-worthy, steamy series of combustible couple’s romance stories.

You’ll find it all. 

Plunge head over heels as you ride out a hurricane on an oil rig. Get swept off your feet by a treasure hunter as you hunt for sunken Spanish gold. Be carried away by a Delta Force Operative in the middle of a mountain rescue. And find true love with a special ops Para-Jumper in a small town.

Dive into The One I Want: a series of love stories; by master storytellers, Jet & Ellie Masters where your happily ever after is waiting.

✅ True Love 
✅ Soulmates 
✅ Happily Ever After 
✅ Love at First Sight

Use the links below to Preorder your copy now.

📕 Book 1: Aiden & Ariel www.elliemasters.com/Aiden_Ariel
📘 Book 2: Brent & Brie www.elliemasters.com/Brent_Brie
📗 Book 3: Caleb & Caitlyn www.elliemasters.com/Caleb_Caitlyn
📙 Book 4: Dax & Dani www.elliemasters.com/Dax_Dani

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