Thursday Tales is something I'm doing with my reader group at THE EDGE ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/EllieMasters.TheEdge/ ). Every Thursday, I write a couple paragraphs, then I give a choice. My readers VOTE on ‘what happens next.' The following Thursday we repeat the process…Interested in helping this story come to life? Then join https://www.facebook.com/groups/EllieMasters.TheEdge/ and cast your vote.

Story so far…..

Kyle stepped out into the crispness of dawn breaking over the horizon. The twin guardian lion sentinels lifted their paws in greeting as he jogged down the marble steps, embracing the promise of a new day. A hush had settled over the grounds, that slice of silence filling the air with the promise of a new day.

Birds huddled in their nests, their calls muted for now, and even the wind paused in rustling limbs and leaves as if it too rested and waited for the sun to show its face.

Dew coated the lawn, no longer frozen in a blanket of frost. The moisture saturated the leather of his boots, turning the tan a dark brown.

His muscles, aching and sore from the fun of last night, protested his exertion. He would have preferred to remain in bed, but duty called. Kyle walked to the shed, stretching out his stride. The chill air penetrated the denim of his jeans making his balls draw up, and his white T-shirt provided little protection from the chill. He hadn’t had time to dig through the pile of dirty clothes to find a sweatshirt, not that he’d need it when the sun crested toward noon. Best to break a sweat. Kyle broke into a jog and headed to the shed.

The work of the day fell upon his shoulders and those of the other caretakers. When he became a full member of the EDGE, he wouldn’t have to deal with this fuss. He had the back field to mow, and the paths of the forest trails to manage. The fog of his breath puffed into the air, and the exertion heated his muscles.

Kyle took the turn to the shed where a red tractor waited. He snagged the keys off the hook and leapt atop his morning ride. He’d rather be riding a woman, than a cold as fuck tractor. Lowering himself onto the seat, he tugged off his black beanie and ran a finger through his hair.

Okay…back field or the forest trails?

They voted for the back field!

While Kyle would love nothing other than to tackle the forest trails, the heat of the sun would make the back field hellacious as hell itself if he left it for last. At least the winding maze of trails of Renegade Forest would provide some protection from the heat of the day.

Cranking up the red tractor, he backed the rumbling beast out of the shed, shattering the peaceful stillness of the morning with the belching beast chugging between his legs. Shame really, as he’d much rather ride something else, and enjoy the buttery smoothness of female flesh instead.

Damn. His cock jumped thinking about burying himself balls deep. He lifted out of the seat, adjusted his hardening cock and settled back down. With a grin, Kyle guided the tractor around the EDGE manor and to the fields.

An expansive estate, there was nothing soft about the EDGE except for the female flesh brought by the masters. As a caretaker, Kyle wasn’t allowed to bring his slave. They’d been together for less than three years. She was new to the lifestyle, whereas he was not. Joining the EDGE had been his dream for the better part of five years, but the exclusive membership had rules about who could join, and had an intense apprenticeship to endure first. Part of that was acting as a caretaker for the estate.

Not that he minded the hard labor, or the more tantalizing aspects of being a caretaker. There were benefits. He wasn’t allowed to touch the slaves without their masters consent, but one of a caretaker’s primary responsibilities was the care of the slaves.

Speaking of, wasn’t that Anne running through the field? He lifted up, searching for her master.

The vote today is ‘Does Kyle spy Anne's Master in the Field? Yes or No?'



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