In the author community, we segregate into two different camps.

Those who read our reviews…
Those who don't…

I fall into the first category.

You might wonder why would an author NOT read their reviews?

It's a great question and there are a variety of answers.

Some authors will tell you the negativity impedes their creative process. Others will tell you negative reviews make them want to quit.

I agree with both those statements, but since I began my writing journey in a critique group, I'm rather immune to criticism.

But bad reviews are difficult if you don't look at them with a critical eye.

I read all my reviews. I want to know how my stories resonate with my readers. What they love and where things fell flat.

My goal is to improve. My greatest fear is stagnation. My writing should continue to get better and I read all my reviews, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Hopefully, this makes me a better writer.