Show my story outline/vision board? These are terrifying words.

My process is NO process. I'd love to think I was one of those writers who was totally OCD with a picture-perfect story outline and vision board, but the truth is ugly.

I don't.

Like, my mind doesn't work that way. If I have to stop and create a vision board, search out all those pictures of people who ‘inspire' my characters…my mind literally stops in its tracks.

I find it paralyzing rather than freeing. And I love other authors who post all these pictures of their inspirational characters. I love that they have a vision of who their characters are. It is awe-inspiring.

For me, it's a process of discovery. I don't have all of that down. I travel that path with you, my reader, learning little things about the characters as we go along.

So, I apologize. I have no story outline, or vision board, to share with you, and I prefer to keep those things loose.

That's where the magic really happens!


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