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Imagine The Thomas Crown Affair merged with Entrapment and know that The Starling is an Oscar winner beyond those art heist films. What makes a good heist movie even better? A handsome leading man paired against a hot leading lady and The Starling scores BIG in that category. I am completely in love with the leading characters Vivianne Faulks and Paul de Gaules.

The Starling has it all; intrigue, secrets, lies, sexual tension, international espionage, and stunning visual imagery like you wouldn't believe. I was truly standing in Paris thanks to Ellie Masters gorgeous descriptions.

Vivianne Faulks is an art expert, particularly with Van Gogh paintings. She is known for being able to identify a fake vs. the original. Although she has a secret as to why she is so good that she has never shared with anyone.

Paul de Gaules has a reputation in the art world. A man who walks the line between legal and illegal art sales. As Vivianne is drawn more into his world she fears her own secret being uncovered while stumbling upon the very ones she's supposed to be investigating.

The game they find themselves in is not the original one they signed up for and the ante is more than just a lost painting. Both have decisions to make that will put their lives in danger, but it's hard to trust someone when there are so many secrets between them.

From the moment you pick up this book you will be captivated by peeling back the layers and discovering each characters secrets. For as each truth is revealed another omission of truth lies dormant. Will it ever be revealed? That is the exciting adventure you should definitely pick up and read to discover yourself.

The Starling will be released on April 12th.

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