In my reader's group…we have some fun…last week I posted a poll and asked my readers to vote on their implement, location, and their man. They voted in each category and I promised to combine it into a short.

I have a great excuse for not posting right away. I was at a corvette club meeting in Pensacola, writing ‘other' stuff…watching fast cars, and there may have even been military cops with guns. All that may or may not be relevant, except you wanted a story about the UPS man, a belt, and fun in the Den. Well, let’s get on that shall we?

Nina had checked the front stoop every day at 2pm for the past week. That was the time the UPS man made his deliveries in her upscale neighborhood. His name was Harley and they’d traded smiles from the street for over a year. She’d snuck glances at his package all that time. Not the ones he carried, but rather the one carried in his pants. One day, she wanted to feast on that beast, maybe even lick what was hidden inside.

Her credit card was overdrawn. Purchases she didn’t need. UPS delivery fees she couldn’t afford, but damn if she wouldn’t get Harley to stop for more than a moment at her door. Any moment, his truck would lumber down her long drive. And rather than his usual drop and dash, she planned another assault. Harley couldn’t avoid her forever.

Not that he knew she lay in wait. Yeah, she was a desperate bird, but it wasn’t her fault.

Five minutes until two, and his truck crested the rise. Here he came, and she hoped to come herself in the not too distant future.

The chugging of his truck signaled him stopping outside on the street. Her driveway was steep and curved, and Harley never took his truck down the drive. Instead, he hefted her packages and carried them down the steep slope. Perfect for what she had in mind.

While he went to the back of his truck, unloading her recent purchase, Nina stripped and slipped on a long cotton t-shirt. No bra. No panties. Nothing but the feel of cotton against her silken skin.

He approached and she waited behind the door. When he reached for the doorbell, ready for the drop and dash, she tugged on the door. He straightened in surprise, caught halfway between placing the big screen on the porch. Light spilled into the open foyer, and his eyes widened at the silhouette of her form.

“Miss,” he said, juggling the flat screen TV. “Delivery…”

His dolly stood to the side, and he straightened from his stoop. Had he really thought to leave that monstrosity at her door?

“Oh,” she said in her most demure voice, “do you mind bringing it inside?”

He glanced at her, his eyes narrowing, but how could he say no? Not when the white cotton hugged her curves.

“Of course.”

Nina held the door for him, opening it as wide as she hopped her legs would soon spread.

“This way,” she said, and gestured toward the den, curious about his reaction to way lie inside.

Harley moved deeper into her home, his gaze casting left and then right. But the moment he crossed the threshold into the den, his steps faltered. His spine straightened, and Nina smiled with the stiffening of his package beneath his zippered seam.

“Over there, will do just fine.”

Harley took the two steps down into the room. His gaze darting over the toys prominently displayed. Whips, floggers, paddles, cuffs, chains and belts. This was a toy box he wouldn’t walk away from.

She pointed to the far wall. “If you could put it down there.” There was no need to have a big screen in here. All the play happened without a TV.

Nina picked up a wide leather belt, and ran its length against her palm. When she glanced at Harley, his eyes smoldered.

“Which end of this suits you best?” she asked.

Harley licked his lips, and then he approached. “I like the belt, my dear.” He pointed to the bench. “I prefer to use it rather than have it used on me.”

Nina couldn’t help but bite her lower lip. She reached for the hem of the long-hanging shirt and pulled it over her head. “I was hoping you’d say that.”

His admiring gaze took in the perfection of her ass, her perky boobs, and her pouty lips. “I’ve been waiting for you,” she said. “I’ve been a very bad girl.”

She shook her ass, enticing him, and then bent over the bench. He hadn't run out the door. That was a very good sign.

“So,” she said, “you going to stand there all day?”

Harley fisted the buckle and wrapped the belt around his hand. “And leave that pretty ass alone? Fuck no!”

heheheehehehe…you'll simply have to imagine what comes next….

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