I'm working on writing

Forest's FALL,

book three in the

Captive Hearts trilogy.

This book is gutting me. Challenging doesn't begin to describe the scope of this book. I'm bringing together threads, little Easter eggs sprinkled throughout several of my series, to weave this final story into a polished product.

In this epic crossover, you will see characters from my Changing Roles series (Command/Control/Collar) and Angel Fire series (Heart's Insanity, Ashes to New, Hearts Desire, Hearts Collide, and Hearts Divided) all coalesce into Forest's journey.

He's on a mission battling human sex trafficking and death matches and will face his nemesis, John Snowden, in an epic battle of wills.

Will our gentle giant survive? Will he be victorious?

OR will Forest Fall?

You can preorder your copy of Forest's FALL.

Get caught up on the Captive Hearts Trilogy.

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