First off…If you haven't read BETRAYAL (the first book in this series) you need to stop right here, go read that, then progress forward with the GLITTERY GOLD which is this entire series. DECEPTION will be the third book in this series and is coming soon. This is a story of love, a story of broken dreams, a story of betrayal of the worst possible kind. It's a work of ART!

CUNNING is told from three viewpoints: Charli (aka, Alex or Alexandria), Nox, and Alex's mother, Adelaide…This story continues the non-stop heat which ended on the most delicious and tantalizing cliff-hanger in BETRAYAL. The story picks up immediately and immerses you in the swirling heat which is Charli and Nox on the page. OMG…love, love, love, these characters. And I would have been happy reading just about these two…

However, the true beauty of CUNNING is the side-story of Adelaide, what she's endured for the love of her daughter, how she lost the love of her only child, and how that may or may not have been deserved. AND THEN…oh, yes…AND THEN you get to the last little bit!

Buckle up and hang on…because there is an explosion of a story coming your way!

This was a majestic piece, hot/hot/hot between Charli and Nox, but the STORY, the webs of deceit and back parlor dealings…OMG…I am biting my nails waiting for DECEPTION!