Debt Inheritance Series

This is an interesting review to write, because…because…because…..I rate it both a 5 Star and a 1 Star simultaneously!

I inhaled this book, and the next, and the next.

Seriously, I COULD NOT PUT THESE THREE BOOKS DOWN! I had to read them to the end.

I’m a dark romance kind of gal…Go figure, just read the title of my blog. I like a calculating, strong, take charge kind of Dom. I like me a man who never lets go, and I like me a little bit of whips and chains and even some non-consent here and there. BUT…but…but, and yet, there’s a whole lot of BUT! going on here…. when it comes to this series…let me get my thoughts in line….

Have I said yet that Pepper Winters is a master storyteller? That she is a witch with words? That she wraps those words so tightly that I can’t breathe, that my heart thunders for the characters on the page, even when my brain is screaming for it all to stop?

No? Well, I’m saying that now.

I loved these books. But I hated them too. They were magnetic and Jethro was calculating and cruel and oh, so incredibly perfect as a Dom, so luscious and perfect, and I wanted to throttle the hell out of him.

And the entire premise behind the story was preposterous! I mean our heroine has to DIE…YES, she has to DIE, by beheading no less, after paying off gruesome and painful DEBTS by his hands for a crime her ancestors committed against his family 600 years ago? I mean…seriously?

How many Weaver women have to die to settle the debt of ONE family’s suffering? The Hawks’ need to get over themselves. They had one generation suffer at the hands of the Weavers centuries ago. ONE generation!


And yet they’ve murdered generations of Weaver women! AND tortured all of these women before putting them to their deaths? Like that justifies anything. It doesn’t add up. I’m not buying it. They are insane. The Hawk family is insane.

Yet, I read every word. I devoured the pages.


Because Pepper Winters is just that Damn Good! I can’t explain it. And will I read the rest? …..Yeah, I will, because I want to know if Nila is going to bite the dust in the end and lose her head in the process. I want to know if she is going to be a weakling and ‘make the ultimate sacrifice’ and let Jethro kill her all for ‘LUV.’

I hope not. I hope my faith is not misplaced and Pepper Winters has an ace up her sleeve. I hope there is an ending here that will thrill and amaze me. Right now? Right now…I think the whole thing is ludicrous and like Nila keeps saying…’Yes, Jethro, you are completely and irrevocably INSANE with this DEBT business.’

And Eye for and Eye is one thing, but the Hawks have collected far in excess their share of any Debt owed to them…it’s far past time that account was settled.

So…5 stars or 1 star? Seriously I have no idea… It’s both.

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